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You don’t need a Paypal account.
Once you will be redicted to the check out page just click on :
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Yes, all the tags that you hear throughout the beat will be removed. There is only one signature tag in the begining for branding purpose.

No, you are not allowed to resell the raw beat or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

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If you are interested about purchasing full rights of a beat, simply use the contact form by clicking here.

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A Standard-Lease grants you limited user-rights to a beat and allows you to use it on up to 3,000 copies, Premium-Lease: 5,000 copies.

The purchase of Exclusive rights grants you UNLIMITED use on any medium! The most important point is that you only gain sole membership by purchasing Exclusive rights.

Exclusive rights is perpetual license. A perpetual license will allow you to use the licensed beat/s indefinitely.

A non-Exclusive can be sold to more than one person at the same time until Exclusive rights have been sold to the beat.

These are the individual instrument layers, which comprise of the entire beat.

Most of our multi-tracks are broken in to approximately 20-50 layers (e.g. kick drum, snare drum, piano, sound fx, synth, etc.) giving you or your recording engineer full flexibility in your mix.

It is also useful for adding drum drops or additional effects to the instrumental.